Outdoor Activities

With the advent of Spring comes the opportunity to enjoy more outdoor activities with friends and family.  As we take advantage of this beautiful weather, we ask you to please be mindful of some of the Rules and Regulations that govern The Point community.


  • Private Boat Docks and Community Piers:  As a reminder, Private Water Front docks are limited to one boat and two personal watercraft (PWC); docks at Community Piers (for non-water front homes) are limited to one watercraft ONLY (one boat or one PWC).
  • Storing of Boats, Personal Watercrafts and Trailers:  No boats, personal watercrafts or trailers are allowed to be parked (or stored) on private property overnight, or for an extended period of time.  A Community Storage Area (located on Tuskarora Trail Road) is a secure and gated storage area available to The Point community at a nominal cost.  For more information about the Community Storage Area, please contact Hawthorne Management via e-mail at admin@hawthornemgmt.com or call 704-377-0114.

North Carolina law defines a bicycle as a vehicle. That means bicycle riders generally have the same rights and responsibilities as motorists.  While vehicles (bicycles) are required by law to ride in the right lane, Brawley School Road is only two lanes meaning any time a bicyclist is in the lane traveling West or East, they are obeying the NC law.  Furthermore, when a motor vehicle attempts to overtake a bicyclist (pass them on the left), the driver of the motor vehicle is bound by the same NC laws as they are when passing another car.

20-149. Overtaking a vehicle. (a) The driver of any such vehicle overtaking another vehicle proceeding in the same direction shall pass at least TWO FEET to the left thereof, and shall not again drive to the right side of the highway until safely clear of such overtaken vehicle.

As a reminder, after dark, bicyclist are required by law to have a white light on the front of their bike, and red reflector or light on the back. Additionally, helmets ARE required for children under the age of 16 at all times.  

For more information on bicycle laws, please visit https://www.ncdot.gov/divisions/bike-ped/Pages/bike-ped-laws.aspx.

Activities/ Events on the Village Green:
The Village Green is a wonderful addition to our community and considered one of the “Common Areas” managed by The Point Owner’s Association (POA).  This common area can be reserved for all types of activities and events hosted by members of The Point.  Use of this area; however, requires approval by the Point Owners Association (POA) Board.  If you would like to reserve the Village Green for a family gathering, special event or any other activity, please fill out the Online Form located at http://thepointatlkn.com/reserve-common-area/

Security Reminder:  
Please keep in mind that criminals look for easy targets and other potential advantages particularly on holiday weeks/ times when many people travel.  Keep your doors locked at all times, park vehicles in the garage or keep the doors locked if outside, do not leave valuables in your vehicle, and keep garage doors closed, even during daylight hours.  If you have a home security system, turn it on when you are gone and also at night along with outdoor lights.  Also, secure loose items on any boats or docks.

Emergencies, Non-Emergencies and Reporting a Crime:
If you have a fire, medical or life-threatening emergency call 911.  For all Sheriff, Fire or EMS non-emergencies call 704-878-3100.  This is the direct line to dispatch and is the best number to call for the quickest response.

Reporting POA Problems or Concerns:
Please note that the best way to communicate any problems or concerns that you have is to report them to our management company at admin@hawthornemgmt.com or contact them via phone at 704-377-0114.