Review of CCR’s

Overview Of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CCRs).  We want to take a few minutes to re-send this email that has previously been sent to the community. The message is the same, but we felt it was important to re-send this to insure that all of the new “move-ins” during the last year get a chance to review this information.

Community Awareness Of The CCR’s. As a resident of The Point, it is important that you have a basic understanding of the CCR’s. The CCRs are the legal documents that state the rules and regulations that govern our community. Our CCRs have been recorded with Iredell County, and are a legally binding agreement. That means that when you bought your home in The Point, you are required to adhere to these rules and regulations, and per state law, the POA Board of Directors are required to enforce the CCRs.

History Of Our CCRs. Crescent Resources originally recorded our CCRs in Iredell County on September 1, 1998, and minor amendments were made on 5/11/99 and 12/2/99. Subsequent to that, and with the bankruptcy of Crescent Resources, Crescent passed the POA responsibility to the homeowner’s on January 1, 2007, and the CCRs were inherited by the homeowner’s elected Board of Directors at the February 2007 annual meeting. The CCRs have only been amended twice since they were transitioned to the POA. This was for (1) the purchase of the Point Lake & Golf Club by Trump National Golf Club, and (2) when Sconset Village was fully integrated into the POA in September of 2013.

Can The CCRs Be Changed By The Board?  No….since the CCRs are a legally binding document, they can only be changed with a majority vote of not less than 51% of the POA members who are eligible to vote and the subsequent approval of the Declarant (Shaw Tate).

Where Can You Find The CCRs? The CCRs are published on our community website at
However, they are about 60 pages long and are written as a legal document that is (at times) difficult to understand and interpret. But the good news is that we can recap the key issues that we need to understand and abide by. Please note that this does not imply that these are the only issues that need our attention. These are just some issues that apply to the residents in our community.

Recap Of Priority CCR Rules and Regulations. The following is a short summary of the key issues:

  • All changes to existing property need to be approved by the Architectural Change Committee. Examples of this would be (but not limited to) removal of trees, adding additions to your house, adding pools/spas, painting your house a different color, adding or extending your driveway, making significant changes to your landscape, installing a fence or wall, installation of piers at waterfront lots, or changing the original grade of your lot. This is not a complete list. But you get the point. You can obtain a copy of the Architectural Change Request Form from Hawthorne Management at or 704-377-0114 and from the architectural changes section on the website
  • New home construction is managed by Shaw Tate, and the POA has limited input in this process until after a Certificate Of Occupancy has been issued by Iredell County.
  • There are three parts to our community…Shaw Tate over-sees all new home construction, the POA Board of Directors is responsible for the overall management of The Point Homeowner’s Association, and TNGC is responsible for all activities concerning the Club, the tennis courts, and the golf course.
  • Waterfront lots may only have one boat and two PWCs (with no more than two PWC ramps), and all piers must be built within the designated “pier zone” that was established by Duke Energy. No roofs of any kind are allowed on the dock.
  • Community docks (per Duke Energy regulations) may only have one watercraft per slip. That means one boat or one PWC with one PWC ramp. The maximum length of any boat may not exceed 26 feet.
  • All dogs must be restrained when taking a walk….either by a leash or by an electronic device. Also, dogs must be confined to your property when they are out of your house by either an electronic fence or a physical fence.
  • No changes should be made to your front yard or back yard without getting prior approval from TCW (Tri County Waste).
  • Unsightly and unkempt conditions are not acceptable, and all property must be maintained in a manner that represents the quality of our neighborhood. This also applies to vacant lots.
  • Mailboxes must conform to the published standard, and must be maintained in an acceptable manner.
  • Campers, trailers, boats, and jet skis may not be stored on your property.
  • Over-night parking on the streets is not allowed.
  • No lots may be combined without prior approval from Shaw Tate and the POA Board of Directors, and no lot may be sub-divided.
  • All “sight line” limitations must be honored, and no object may be installed that intrudes or blocks the sight line of the neighboring lot.
  • No changes of any kind may be made to the first 50 feet of waterfront lots without the prior approval of the Architectural Change Committee. Please pay attention to this. If changes are made that violate Duke’s guidelines or our CCRs, they must be removed at the owner’s expense.
  • Community signage must be approved by the Board of Directors. “Open House” signs, “Estate Sale” signs, and other signage is allowed ONLY per our sign policy… Also, please note that vendor signage is not allowed in your yard while work is being done on your property.
  • No motorized vehicles (which includes golf carts) are allowed in the Common Areas or on the trails in the various Villages.
  • No motorized vehicles of any kind are allowed to enter the established SFE septic areas that are located throughout the community.
  • No wells for domestic use (including irrigation) may be drilled for and/or installed on homeowner lots within The Point.
  • No dumping of trash or yard debris is allowed in the Common Areas or SFE septic fields.

Summary. The above rules and regulations are here to protect and enhance the quality of our neighborhood and the value of our property. It’s as simple as that, and leads to a consistent and disciplined approach to managing our community.

Annual  Meeting. Our annual meeting to vote on new Board members and to update the community on the POA financials will be held on Tuesday February 19, 2019 at 7:00 PM in the Village Ball Room (meeting house). Hope to see you there but if not please sign your proxy ( and submit to Hawthorne Management Company,