Online Payment Options

Pay Dues online directly via ACH/eCheck, Debit Card or Credit Card. Similar to most non-profit groups, homeowners associations cannot afford to absorb credit card and other electronic payment processing fees. PayLease, a third party payment processing group is used and charges the following fees to assist your community with processing the payments. In addition to the fees described below, PayLease will process a payment over the telephone for an additional $9.95 charge by calling Customer Support at 1-866-729-5327.

Payment Options Online Over the Phone through PayLease
Visa 2.95% 2.95%+$9.95
MasterCard 2.95% 2.95%+$9.95
Discover 2.95% 2.95%+$9.95
AMEX 2.95% 2.95%+$9.95
ACH/eCheck $1.00 $1.00 +$9.95
The fee is equal to the rate indicated multiplied by the assessments/dues charges being processed.
The maximum transaction amount for ACH/eCheck is $7,500.00.


Auto Debit – Using the form and process provided on this site, authorize the payment to be automatically drafted from your account on the community’s routine billing cycle.

Your bank’s online bill pay system – Many owners use their bank’s online bill pay feature to pay routine bills. Banks process and send these payments to larger, well known and frequently used recipients like the power company, cable providers, credit card companies and others ELECTRONICALLY via ACH. These electronic ACH payments are received instantly by the larger groups without delay. Banks do not send payments electronically to smaller, less recognized groups such as the XYZ Homeowners Association. Instead, a physical, PAPER CHECK IS PROCESSED and placed in the US mail adding additional time to the process. For this reason, owners paying dues through their bank’s online bill pay feature should allow additional time and be aware that the date the bank shows “paid” or “received” is in most cases the day a check was placed in the US mail and sent off to smaller groups like homeowners associations.

Regular US Mail – Submit payment using return payment coupon provided. Please make checks payable to your community association. Be sure your physical address in the community or account number are included and mail to P.O. Box 740601, Atlanta GA 30374-0601