Architectural Changes

Our Neighborhood Is Lovely By Design

The Point community’s covenants, conditions and restrictions (CCRs) require owners to obtain prior written approval for changes or improvements to the exterior of their property. This includes painting a different color, installing a fence or basketball goal, removing one or more trees (whether alive, dead or diseased), adding a planting bed or making other significant landscape changes just to provide a few examples. The application process will be smoother if your change is consistent with The Point’s CCRs (Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions) and Architectural and Landscape Guidelines.

Architectural Guidelines

Please Note

In the past, there was a separate application form for tree removal requests, but they were consolidated and now all applications are submitted on one form (even for dead or diseased trees).

Submit your application to our management company.

The Process

Effective January 1, 2015, a fee of $150 must be included with your Architectural Change Request for all major projects (e.g., outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, room additions and swimming pools and spas). All other Architectural Change Requests are free.

A $1,000 escrow deposit is required prior to commencement of certain major projects (i.e. home additions, swimming pools and spas). The deposit is returned following the conclusion of the project, provided that there is no damage to community property, streets, or special clean-up requirements. Our management company conducts weekly drives through the neighborhood to identify instances of non-compliance with our CCRs and Architectural and Landscape Guidelines. This includes starting a project that constitutes an architectural change without first obtaining the required pre-approval.


Submit your Change Request to our management company.


If you have questions concerning how the neighborhood’s CCR’s or Architectural and Landscape Guidelines may impact your project, please use the Contact Us feature of this website to contact the Architectural Change Committee and ask for guidance.


The management company reviews the application to make sure that it is complete.


Complete applications are promptly forwarded to the Architectural Change Committee. You should provide all required information as well as other information that may be helpful, e.g., photos, a clear description of the project and whether the proposed changes will match existing colors.


The Architectural Change Committee will contact you to schedule a site visit to review your planned architectural change(s). The site visit may lead to the need to modify yourapplication.


The final version of the application is submitted for a vote by the entire Architectural Change Committee a majority of the committee must vote “yes” for a given application to be approved.


You are notified of the outcome of the vote by mail (although a committee member will generally give you a call or send you an e-mail to let you know if your application was approved or denied). You should retain the approval letter for your records as it may be the only available document recording the approval.


An appeals process is available for denied applications.