Your Elected POA Volunteer Board Members:

Board Members

In accordance with our bylaws, owners in The Point elect new directors for three year terms at the annual meeting of members. The annual meeting is typically held each February, and the terms of the directors are staggered, so that 2-3 directors are elected by owners at each annual meeting. Any mid-term vacancies are appointed by the Board.


The POA Board meets monthly, generally on the second or third Tuesday of every month. For specific meeting dates, please see our calendar. If you wish to make arrangements to attend or speak at a meeting, contact [email protected]. Minutes of all regular and special Board meetings and other important information about our neighborhood is available here. Click here to see our Governance Manual and Annual Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form for Directors.

2016 Compliance Note: As required by the Governance Manual, each member of the Board of Directors completed and submitted the Annual Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form for Directors. The forms were reviewed at the March regular meeting of the Board of Directors. Each of the directors selected “No” as to each of the required disclosures.



Ken Foster
Email Ken
Term Expires 2027


Vice President

Terry Ravas
Vice President
Email Terry
Term Expires 2025



Linda Bundens
Email Linda
Term Expires 2026



Paul Dascoli
Email Paul
Term Expires 2026


Member at Large

C.R. (Rod) Baldwin, III
Member at Large
Email Rod
Terms Expires 2025


Member At Large

Joe Petrozza
Member At Large
Email Joe
Term Expires 2026


Member at Large

Stephen Taylor
Member At Large
Email Stephen
Term Expires 2027

Three Parts of Our Community

Shaw Tate

• New Lot Sales
• New Home Building
• New Home AChC
• Marketing Over-ride for New Construction

POA Board

• Adherence to CCR’s
• Collect Assessments
• Spend Assessments
• Existing Home AChC

The Board Of Directors are required by NC law to enforce the CCRs as they are written.

Trump National Golf Club Charlotte

• Trump Village
• Trump Tennis
• Trump Pool
• Trump Golf Course

POA Committees

Descriptions & Guidelines

These committees are run by hard-working neighbors who volunteer their time to make our neighborhood a great place to live.

This committee works with owners who submit an  application for architectural changes and tree removals. It serves as the review and decision authority for homeowners who want to make changes and improvements to the exterior of their home or landscaping, or to remove trees. Guidelines

Architecture change request form available here.

This committee coordinates all aspects of this website, our monthly neighborhood magazine (The Talking Point) and other neighborhood communication needs. Guidelines

This committee provides guidance to the Board on all financial matters. It develops annual operating and reserve budgets, monitors the POAs finances against budget, analyzes the feasibility of improvement projects and recommends funding allocations to maintain community infrastructure. Guidelines

This committee is responsible for maintaining the community infrastructure assets in dependable working condition and for determining the levels of funding required to repair and replace infrastructure assets as needed in the future. Guidelines

This committee keeps our neighborhood common areas beautiful for all to enjoy. The committee’s responsibilities include selecting plantings and seasonal flowers for POA landscape beds along Brawley School Road, selecting Christmas decorations as well as overseeing maintenance of POA common open areas, irrigation, lighting, and off site septic fields. Guidelines

This committee is responsible for the screening and interview of owners who are interested in becoming a member of our Board of Directors. Members of this committee are appointed by the Board. Our bylaws require that all members of this committee must be owners in the neighborhood. Guidelines