POA Board Newsletter – August 2019

This is a periodic update from The Point Owners Association, Inc. (POA) Board of Directors of matters that may be of general interest to the community. Please feel free to forward this e-mail to other residents in The Point.

Infrastructure Committee Updates

Sign Replacement Project:
Phase 1 of the Sign Replacement Project began in 2018 with the Pier signs and is now complete. Phase 2 (the second and final phase) of this project began this month and is currently underway with the replacement of the Brawley School Road Private Drive signs. The new signs feature a richer, cleaner look, and are also constructed from aluminum castings lending to a more durable product that will last for many years. We want to extend a special “thank you” to Grant Mitchell, Infrastructure Committee member, who sourced the supplier for this project and coordinated the installation process. Grant dedicated many hours of his already busy schedule to help manage and ensure the proper execution of the Sign Replacement Project. Thank you Grant!

Sidewalk Leveling Project:
The Sidewalk Leveling Project is an ongoing effort that has been in process for the last 3 years. Brad Herrmann, Infrastructure Committee member, has been the coordinator for this project since the beginning. The sidewalk leveling process is completed on sidewalks that have been disturbed, mainly due tree roots. We are spending approximately $20K a year for this service and Brad has done an outstanding job overseeing this activity. A special “thank you” and appreciation goes out to Brad for his hard work and many hours managing this project. Thank you Brad!

General Safety
There have been several reports of “close calls” involving pedestrians and vehicles not stopping before the sidewalk when approaching cross streets and intersections in the neighborhood. Please be extra cautious to stop and look both ways (before the sidewalk) to ensure there is not anyone running, biking, etc. from another direction.

Pier Rules
As a reminder, Pier Rules are in place for everyone’s safety. Parents, please remind your children of these regulations as well. We periodically receive complaints, one of which involved kids setting off fireworks on one of the piers (shortly after the July 4th holiday) in which the pier caught fire. This is extremely dangerous and poses a huge risk to Point residents. Below is a list of basic rules to be mindful of; please visit http://thepointatlkn.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/CommunityPierRules.pdf for the complete Rules and Regulations Regarding Piers and Slips.

  1. Use Pier at your own risk.
  2. Swim at your own risk. No diving. Underwater objects and unknown hazards may make swimming dangerous. No lifeguard on duty.
  3. Do not leave fuel containers or other items on Pier. Promptly clean up any fuel spill and promptly report to your Pier Association fuel spills that cannot be properly cleaned up.
  4. No running or horseplay.
  5. Properly dispose of all trash.
  6. Leashed pets allowed. Properly dispose of pet waste.
  7. Keep noise at a conversational level.
  8. Be respectful of others.

Please also be sure to remove all electrical cords. They are being left out on the boardwalk/piers and need to be stored properly when not in use for safety reasons.

The Point Owners Association, Inc. and the Pier Association for the Piers are not responsible for loss or injury. 

Security Reminder 
Please keep in mind that criminals look for easy targets and other potential advantages particularly on holiday weeks/ times when many people travel. Please keep your doors locked at all times, park vehicles in the garage or keep the doors locked, do not leave valuables in your vehicle, and keep garage doors closed, even during the day. If you have a home security system, turn it on when you are gone and also at night along with outdoor lights. Also, secure loose items on any boats or docks.

Emergencies, Non-Emergencies and Reporting a Crime
If you have a fire, medical or life-threatening emergency call 911. For all Sheriff, Fire or EMS non-emergencies call 704-878-3100. This is the direct line to dispatch and is the best number to call for the quickest response.

Next Board Meeting
Our next Board meeting will be held at 9:00 AM on September 17, 2019. If you wish to address the Board with relevant issues that apply to our community, please contact our management company at admin@hawthornemgmt.com or call 704-377-0114 by September 10th.

Your POA Board

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Charlie Farrar
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